We are less than a week away from Super Sunday LII. Head coach Bill Belichick will choreograph quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots squad in the 2018 Super Bowl. Coming off a record seventh straight AFC Championship Game appearance are the current Patriots more than a dynasty? For a company that is obsessed with program parity the league has failed miserably in finding away to dismantle the New England machine. Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII: The Brady Bunch.

The current ruling class in the National Football League has essentially been in power since 2002. A time and place when the Patriots missed out on the playoffs after winning their first Super Bowl. Since the SuperBook of Las Vegas opened up their NFL Futures for the 2019 Super Bowl and it should come as no surprise that Brady and Belichick are the early odds-on favorites to return to the show.

The question isn’t whether New England can continue to win with a 40-plus year old field general but what franchise can stop the B & B Gang. After all the Patriots will be competing in the AFC East. This means they have six winnable divisional tilts against the New York Jets and Bills as well as the Miami Dolphins.

Led by a 40 years old signal-caller the Brady Bunch are not only the favorites to win Super Bowl LII they are the overwhelming choice to conquer the league next season and win Super Bowl LIII according to WestGate of Las Vegas.

The World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, WestGate, has updated the Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII:

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII: The Brady Bunch




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