With the completion of Super Bowl LII Sundays now officially belong to Major League Baseball and basketball leagues for the next six-plus months. College Hoops will dribble out the final half of conference play and ready for March Madness. The National Basketball Association franchises are already positioning themselves for the all important seeds for the grind of the postseason. And Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to Spring Training as soon as next week. Odds to Win 2018 World Series: Ohtani and Halos 20-to-1.

With the 2018 Super Bowl a done deal those like myself begin to prepare for Major League Baseball. With MLB Opening Day is less than two months away and most of the 32 team’s free agency signings in the rear view mirror there are a thousand-and-one reasons to be excited about prognosticating how one’s team will perform this season.

I won’t list the 1001 reasons I am excited about the Boys of Summer but I will push two of newest and most exciting upcoming events for getting juiced for the 2018 regular season to this MLB Futures article.

1. Bullpen Carts
Major League Baseball want us to believe that the return of the bullpen carts to deliver pitcher to mound is another way to speed up the game. It is, in truth, another way for the league and franchises to make advertising money to pay the bills. Imagine a bullpen cart looking much like a NASCAR drivers vehicle. Seemingly every free spot on the bullpen-golf carts will be plastered with ads promoting local and national companies.

Regardless of “if” MLB will actually return bullpen carts it brings back memories of when baseball was baseball.

Isn’t that statement more right than wrong Mr. Pete Rose?

2. MLB Debut of Shohei Ohtani
Directed to Major League Baseball fanatics like myself who agrees with me that the thought of a two-way diamond stud changes the face of the game? It has been over one-hundred years since baseball had a significant player pitch, hit and play the field. Being a resident of Las Vegas you can bet your arse that I will make my way down I-15 to I-10 and become uber-excited when approaching exit 4. At that point I will take the exit ramp right and follow signs for Lincoln Ave. As I always do I will miss the intersection of S Lemon Street and rather reach S Clementine Street in which I will know I have gone too far. However, I will reach Angels Stadium in Anaheim and get my first look at Ohtani in a regular season contest.

Chances are I will visit my old stomping grounds as a former Arizona State University student/partier and watch the Angels and Ohtani play camp-ball in Tempe, Arizona.

One should call the World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook and ask them what the over/under is for how many times Ohtani will be called the “Japanese Babe Ruth” this season.

The Las Vegas SuperBook has updated their Odds to Win 2018 World Series and the opening odds of 50-to-1 on the Halos has been updated to 20-to-1.

Odds to Win 2018 World Series: Ohtani and Halos 20-to-1





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